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Baofeng UV-5R+

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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:Baofeng UV-5R+


Have read all the forums and advice on the CHIRP site. I still can't get my radios to respond. I have a mac and have tried downloading and undownloading the chirp program, and have also tried downloading many of the usb serial drivers. These are the steps I take and what it says:
1. plug cable into computer
2. plug cable into radio (making sure it is all the way in)
3. Turn the radio on all the way
4. Go to radio, press download from radio
5. Select the port (/dev/cu.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port), Vendor (Baofeng) and Model (UV-5R
-not sure if the port is correct but that is what automatically shows up when i open the window and there are no other drop down options
6. Press ok, and it kicks over to the cloning download bar, and then a little error notification pops up saying "Radio did not respond"

I am not sure what else to try. I know the cable works because i have tried it on a friends computer and it worked no problem.
PLEASE can anyone give me some guidance?


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You don't have your programming cable properly installed. When programming a UV-5R, you do not use a Bluetooth port.


Updated by Sierra Schneider almost 3 years ago

What do I need to do to properly install the cable? I knew the Bluetooth port couldn't be right but I do not know how or what I need to do to make it work.

Updated by Sierra Schneider almost 3 years ago

Sierra Schneider wrote:

What do I need to do to properly install the cable? I knew the Bluetooth port couldn't be right but I do not know how or what I need to do to make it work.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the Mac OS X driver for my operating system. (El Capitan)
I can go into my system information and it says that it is installed.
But when I open the CHIRP program the only drop down option that shows up still is the Bluetooth port.
The cable I assume is working because the lights on my radio turn red like it should.
I can plug a USB phone charger in and the drop down port option will show something is plugged in, so CHIRP is recognizing my USB ports.
I have no idea what else to try.
Does it matter what Mac USB Driver I download? Right now I have the FTDI D2XX installed (which is from what I have read the one I need for El Capitan)

Updated by Jim Unroe almost 3 years ago

I'm not a Mac user so I am not much help. I have read where when you have and FTDI based programming cable, one solution is to not install the Future Technology Devices International driver and use the native Apple FTDI driver. But it was mentioned on the [chirp_users] mailing list within the last week that offered a different solution. I think I found the link here.


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Also, please refer to these Wiki articles:
CableGuide FTDI OEM Cables
RTSystemsCablesAndMavericks (if you're running MacOS)
Let us know whether this resolves your issue.

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