Bug #557

0.3.0 COM port order

Added by Dean Gibson almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

Status:Rejected Start date:02/12/2013
Priority:Low Due date:
Assignee:Dan Smith % Done:


Target version:0.3.1
Chirp Version:0.3.0 Platform:Windows
Model affected:(All models)


I see that the new version (0.3.0) enumerates all the serial ports in use; thanks!!!

However, it enumerates the serial ports in alphabetical order, not numeric order.

I'd suggest the latter, so that COM11 follows COM2, and not precedes it.

Not fixed (as advertized) in 20130213 nightly.

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duplicates Bug #549: 0.3.0 COM port order Closed 02/12/2013


Updated by Dan Smith almost 10 years ago

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