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Add QYT KT-5800 as a variant of QYT KT-8900D (dual band)

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I just didn't know how else to relay this to you. The QYT 5800 works when programming as QYT8900D with one change to the driver.

On the 8900D driver, I had to change out the ID for it to work with Chirp

  1. KT8900D (dual band)
    KT8900D_fp1 = "VCB222" #<------THIS ONE IS THE QYT 5800
    KT8900D_fp = "VC8632"

Please update the driver so others don't have to spend the 2 hours I did figuring it out.


-KN4PTV - Test driver module for QYT KT-5800 (152.7 kB) Jim Unroe, 12/25/2020 10:43 am

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Revision 3444:6d6916d437e1
Added by Jim Unroe almost 2 years ago

[BTECH] Add QYT KT5800 Support

This patch adds support for the QYT KT-5800 dual-band mobile radio

related to #6493


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Thanks for finding that out! Hopefully this can be added at some point.

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I have a patch ready to submit, but I would like it to be tested before I do. Below are the instructions for how to load the attached test driver module for testing.

1 save the test driver module to a convenient location

Note: Do not right click the link to download. Left click the link and choose the "download" link on the page that loads.

2 click "Help" in the menu bar and enable "Enable Developer Functions"
3 click "File" in the menu bar
4 click "Load Module" in the list that appeared and then locate and load the test driver that was saved in step 1

CHIRP will now have a red background. Test to see if you can download from and upload to your radio.

Note: This test driver module does not permanently change your CHIRP installation in any way. If you close CHIRP, you must load this test driver again before you can program your radio.

Let me know the results. If successful, I will submit the patch.


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Patch submitted. Awaiting approval and inclusion into CHIRP.


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