Bug #6719

UV-5R and UV-5RX3 get VFO offsets wrong (entering 999.999 results in 99.99 when saved/uploaded)

Added by M T 2 months ago.

Status:New Start date:04/16/2019
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Chirp Version:daily Platform:MacOS
Model affected:UV-5R, UV-5RX3


I have a UV-5R and a UV-5RX3. If I set the VFO A or VFO B offset to 999.999000 in CHIRP and upload the image to either radio, the radio interprets the values as 099.990 (observable in each radio under menu item 26). If I save the image from CHIRP, close it, and then reopen it in CHIRP, I see 99.990000 as the value in CHIRP.

I can set the value manually in either radio to 999.999 (which is useful if you want to configure the radio to prohibit transmission in VFO mode). I'm pretty sure that if I set it manually in the radio and then read the configuration from the radio using CHIRP it will also show up as 99.990000 in CHIRP.

Other values have even weirder results (e.g., 666.666, 555.555, 444.444, etc.). Sometimes entering one value (e.g., 300), saving the file, then entering a prior value (e.g., 444.444) will result in a different value than what was saved with 444.444 before. It seems non-deterministic.

It sounds like a similar symptom to #4635 (but that's for a different radio/code base).

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