Bug #6719

UV-5R and UV-5RX3 get VFO offsets wrong (entering 999.999 results in 99.99 when saved/uploaded)

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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:All
Model affected:UV-5R, UV-5RX3


I have a UV-5R and a UV-5RX3. If I set the VFO A or VFO B offset to 999.999000 in CHIRP and upload the image to either radio, the radio interprets the values as 099.990 (observable in each radio under menu item 26). If I save the image from CHIRP, close it, and then reopen it in CHIRP, I see 99.990000 as the value in CHIRP.

I can set the value manually in either radio to 999.999 (which is useful if you want to configure the radio to prohibit transmission in VFO mode). I'm pretty sure that if I set it manually in the radio and then read the configuration from the radio using CHIRP it will also show up as 99.990000 in CHIRP.

Other values have even weirder results (e.g., 666.666, 555.555, 444.444, etc.). Sometimes entering one value (e.g., 300), saving the file, then entering a prior value (e.g., 444.444) will result in a different value than what was saved with 444.444 before. It seems non-deterministic.

It sounds like a similar symptom to #4635 (but that's for a different radio/code base).

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Revision 3407:597332505d7a
Added by Jim Unroe about 2 years ago

[UV-5R] Add support for XXX.XXX Work Mode Offsets

The original UV-5R only supported VFO offsets up to 69.95 MHz. Current models
support VFO offsets up to 999.999 MHz. This patch expands the Work Mode
Settings VFO A/B Offset settings to match the range of the current models.

fixes #6719


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Are you sure the radio actually can take offsets such as the ones you are trying?
Common values (in the US) are 600 kHz or 5.0 MHz; in the European region 7.6 MHz.
I'm closing this ticket due to its uncommon nature. Please let us know if it needs to be reopened.

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This is because the radios for which the original driver was developed were limited to a offset of 69.950 MHz (which only required 4 bytes set aside in memory to store the value). The currently shipping models allow an offset up to 999.999 MHz (and 6 bytes of memory to store). The change allows setting the VFOs up for cross-band operation (which was not possible on the earlier models).


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Patch submitted.


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Applied in changeset 597332505d7a.

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