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Wouxun KG-UV9K

Added by Maik Köhler over 3 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Bitte das oben genannte Modell einpflegen.

Please add the following Device: Wouxun KG-UV9K

Files (236 KB) Jack Svereki, 11/12/2019 09:32 AM
debug.log (222 KB) debug.log Vincent Laroo, 02/29/2020 01:55 PM
KG-UV9K.JPG (18 KB) KG-UV9K.JPG Vincent Laroo, 02/29/2020 01:57 PM
debug.log (220 KB) debug.log Debug log file Serge G., 04/11/2020 02:23 AM
settings.png (24 KB) settings.png Current settings from Wouxun software Serge G., 04/11/2020 02:23 AM
9754C697-85A2-4E65-B75A-52A481A600DF.png (237 KB) 9754C697-85A2-4E65-B75A-52A481A600DF.png Graham Cockram, 05/01/2021 05:16 PM

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Actions #1

Updated by Ra ul over 3 years ago


I have tried to use the KG-UV9D Plus driver, which worked after I added
in line 862 of

With this I could read out the memory, edit the channels and write everything back without any errors. However, after reading back the memory with the wouxun software some settings where wrong (DTMF control, tx power).
So I guess most mappings are the same, and some are wrong or missing.
I haven't used chirp before so I don't really know how to proceed and won't go any further.

Actions #2

Updated by Jack Svereki about 3 years ago

compared with the original software CHIRP is a lot more user friendly
what can I do to help with the development?

Actions #3

Updated by DJ kourampies about 3 years ago

Looking at the programming software this seems like a clone of the KG-UV9D Plus, perhaps a cost cutting version with simpler screen? If files from the original programming software will help I will be happy to provide them as soon as my radio arrives.

Actions #4

Updated by DJ kourampies about 3 years ago

The radio is a clone of the KG-UV9D with the added 8.33. Nothing more, nothing less. (The screen is the same, I was confused by the packaging).
Like Ra ul already said it should be a matter of changing some "mappings", in order to accommodate the new step. If anyone was to try, message me and I can provide files from CHIRP, factory software, or anything else you need.

Actions #5

Updated by Jack Svereki about 3 years ago

This is a dump of serial communication + settings file from original Wouxon software. Hope this helps someone.
As said before, radio is a clone of "KG-UV9D Plus" + 8.33 kHz tuning step.
Original software is available here

Actions #6

Updated by Hanantha Soelarso about 3 years ago

I have used this program , but feel more comfortable using CHIRP. Please let me know if there's an update for this series. Thanks

Actions #7

Updated by DJ kourampies about 3 years ago

The workaround mentioned on the first post works fine for copy pasting large amounts of memories from other radios, until proper support is implemented this is the way to go.

Actions #8

Updated by Andrew Hedge almost 3 years ago


Is it possible to c duplicate the KG-UV9D Plus driver, patch it and include it in the Chirp binary package as KG-UV9K so people can
use Chirp with that Radio?

Thank you ..

Actions #9

Updated by DJ kourampies almost 3 years ago

Andrew Hedge wrote:


Is it possible to c duplicate the KG-UV9D Plus driver, patch it and include it in the Chirp binary package as KG-UV9K so people can
use Chirp with that Radio?

Thank you ..

I have patched the driver and it works at least for mass memory editing, but can't compile a standalone exe since the compile instructions for windows are outdated and/or non existent. Sadly for now the only way is to install python etc, and run it like this.
Let's hope someone finally makes a proper driver since it seems the radios are identical other than the 8.33 step.

Actions #10

Updated by Andrew Hedge almost 3 years ago

Sorry I overlooked your reply!

I downloaded the source but how do I run CHIRP w/o compiling?
Are you on Linux?

Hmmm ... who is in charge of development?

Actions #11

Updated by Bernhard Hailer almost 3 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback
  • Target version set to chirp-daily

The addition of a new radio to Chirp requires two things:
1) a volunteer developer who takes the task to work on this driver,
2) availability of test equipment, such as a loaner radio (see Rules For Loaning A Radio).
Unfortunately, you need to wait until both conditions have been met.

Now, we can try something here. Please attempt to download an image from the UV9K using Chirp's UV9D driver, then provide a debug log as described in "How To Report Issues". With that there's a chance that we can apply a patch without having to play with a physical radio. @ DJ kourampies, you could post your diff here, and we could use that as well.

Actions #12

Updated by Vincent Laroo almost 3 years ago

Actions #14

Updated by Serge G. over 2 years ago

Here is a debug.log file, from Chirp daily-20200409, using UV9D driver with a UV9K : got "no memory map for it" error.
The radio has some created channels, including one on the last slot ; current configuration from Wouxun software is in the attached screenshot. One FM radio slot is used (89.3Mhz), one scan group customised (group1 = ch1 -> ch17).
Please let us know if we can do anything else to help !

Actions #15

Updated by Graham Cockram over 1 year ago

Did this issue get resolved with the Wouxun KG-UV9K. Any help would be appreciated as I too am getting, Unrecognised model variation (03). No memory map for it. Just trying to program some frequencies into the radio from another. The download from radio appears to work until the very last moment and then the above message pops up. I’ve used Chirp for many years with many different radios and this is the first real problem I’ve ever had so any advice is welcome about what I need to do to help to resolve this issue (if it isn’t already done).
Many thanks.

Actions #16

Updated by Jay Smith about 1 year ago

Did any progress get made on this? I just purchased one myself and the Wouxun software isn't as nice to use as Chirp. I am happy to help in any way I can.

Actions #17

Updated by Jay Smith about 1 year ago

I have been trying to get this to work with no success. I tried changing the driver file as suggested in the first comment but unfortunately the document is out of date and I can't get all the required libraries installed. For example the website linked to retrieve PyLibXML2 hasn't been working for at least 24 hours now which suggests more than a temporary error, and PyWin32 now seems to be Python 3 only.

As a short term measure, and to allow those of us with the radio to do some testing, could the file be changed as follows.

Line 862 (if no changes have been made) reads...

if self._rev == "02" or self._rev == "00":

Could this be changed to

if self._rev == "03" or self._rev == "02" or self._rev == "00":

Since that would add in the rev 3 that the first post suggests without breaking existing models. Since Chirp warns you that this driver is in development and may not work as expected you are already warning users up front.

Actions #18

Updated by DJ kourampies about 1 year ago

This is the only workaround I have found in order to mass paste/edit memories in Chirp. Watch out for the 8.33k step though, this can complicate things since its not properly implemented in the existing driver. I usually do the edits in the modified Chirp then confirm everything in the factory software and re-write to the radio.

Actions #19

Updated by Jean Paul 4 months ago

I'm also very interested in this model!

Would it be possible to add the proposed trick on the daily build?

As Jay Smith, I don't manage to get a build environnement to try :(



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