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Status:Closed Start date:11/22/2019
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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:Baofeng UV-82


Good Day,
I purchased a Baofeng UV-82HP and I cannot get CHIRP to read the radio. Every time I try to read the radio CHIRP states that the model is not supported. I have tried the baofeng UV-82/ UV-82HP and the Radioddity drivers. The model number under in the radio is NUV82 and firmware is 190831M.

uv-82_NUV82.log (23.2 kB) Michael Ford, 11/30/2019 04:09 pm


Updated by Terry Kennedy almost 3 years ago

Just registered to note I have the same issue with a new pair of these radios. Same model / firmware as noted in the initial bug report.

Updated by Michael Ford almost 3 years ago

ERROR: ----------------
ERROR: Clone failed: Incorrect 'Model' selected
ERROR: --- Exception Dialog: Incorrect 'Model' selected. ---

ERROR: ----------------------------

Also just registered to note the same issue; NUV82/190831M - purchased on Amazon:


Updated by Michael Ford almost 3 years ago

Attached debug log.

Updated by Terry Kennedy almost 3 years ago

These are apparently counterfeit and they'll be going back to Amazon shortly. After resetting the radio to defauts with the official program* it now says "BAOFENG UV-5R" at startup instead of WELCOME. It also only does TX power of high and low instead of adding mid like the official radios that came from the Baofeng official store on Amazon. Also the boxes, manual*, etc. are completely different. I also suspect the batteries don't meet the rated capacity either, based on weight.

  • Finding any "guaranteed official" software or documentation is incredibly difficult. Eventually I found version 1.7 of their software from 2018 and an English manual for the UV-82 (I couldn't find one for the HP, but I didn't spend a lot of time looking) on their local Chinese B2B site. The software in the links the counterfeiters send out is definitely suspect, and I think some may have percolated through to innocent, well-meaning sites). I'm going to try (most likely unsuccessfully) to get Baofeng to improve their US support site, both by declaring it official and by having up-to-date software. I had heard that the Chinese authorities were starting to crack down on counterfeiters, even if the complaint came from a Chinese company. We'll see.

Updated by Brandon Lee almost 3 years ago

note: Having a similar issue, radio shows the same firmware number but the model number is UV82. Not sold as the HP version. Mine doesnt show any model number on start up however.

Updated by Michael Ford almost 3 years ago

Terry - I assume you purchased the same radio I did off Amazon correct? I'm unable to confirm your findings here as my only method of programing is Chirp (Linux guy, no Mac/Windows in my house), but that looks super suspect and I'd also say it's counterfeit.

I suppose this radio will now be returned to Amazon.

Updated by Terry Kennedy almost 3 years ago

I ordered the package deal, ASIN B07RSWFT2K from seller TIDRADIO Mall, fulfilled by Amazon. The genuine radios I purchased were ASIN B00Z52HP10, seller BaoFeng Tech, fulfilled by Amazon.

Updated by Jim Unroe almost 3 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Feedback

These new radios don't report their firmware version to CHIRP. CHIRP uses the firmware version to keep the user from editing the radio with the wrong settings. A patch was just submitted and accepted to all CHIRP to edit these radios even though CHIRP doesn't know for sure the selected model is correct. It will be up to the user to select the correct model.

Look for the "fix" in the next CHIRP daily build.


Updated by Jim Unroe almost 3 years ago

Terry Kennedy wrote:

These are apparently counterfeit and they'll be going back to Amazon shortly.

They are definitely not a UV-82HP from Baofeng Tech (the radio dealer in the USA).


Updated by Bernhard Hailer almost 3 years ago

  • Model affected changed from UV-82 to Baofeng UV-82

Has the problem been resolved for you all? Thanks.

Updated by Bernhard Hailer over 2 years ago

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  • Target version set to chirp-daily

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