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Cloning from computer to radio Icom IC-2730a

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Model affected:Icom IC-2730A


Hello. I am working on helping someone with programming his Icom 2730A from computer to radio. What speaker port do you plug the connection in on the radio? Also what is the process to accept the clone from the computer to the radio. Is there a menu function? Button function to get this done. Help with this would be a great help. Got all the frequencies programmed in chirp just need to get them from the computer to radio with the how to do this. Thank you for the help in advance


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You should be able to find out where to plug in your programming cable in the radio's manual, which you can find here: [[https://www.icomjapan.com/support/?SWT=&ID=20141216001&GNR=Amateur&TYPE=Mobile&PDNM=IC-2730A/IC-2730E&INQWORDSWT=No&INQWORD=]]. It should also explain how to clone between radios, if this radio supports it.

As for using Chirp, you could proceed as follows:
1) Save (export) your programmed frequencies in Chirp as CSV file.
2) Download an image from your IC-2730A.
3) Import the CSV file you saved in step 1). The data will be added to your downloaded image.
4) Upload the result into your IC-2730A.

Good luck!

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