Bug #7799

TYT-9800 Plus Quad Band No Settings Options. Only a blank area

Added by Ray Torella over 1 year ago. Updated 10 months ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:04/13/2020
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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:TYT-9800 Plus Quad Band


TYT-9800 All settings & options available with factory software. Programmed and saved. Imported TYT-9800 into CHIRP latest version. All channels, freqs, tones, power etc correct. When I click on settings tab, empty space with no radio options. See attached photos.

Performed full factory reset and imported into CHIRP with same situation, no radio setting options. Again, factory software works 100%. However, without CHIRP options, I have no way to verify CHIRP has not modified options

Annotation 2020-04-13 112953.jpg (12.1 kB) Ray Torella, 04/13/2020 11:35 am

Annotation 2020-04-13 113050.jpg (144.2 kB) Ray Torella, 04/13/2020 11:35 am

Annotation 2020-04-13 113141.jpg (46.7 kB) Ray Torella, 04/13/2020 11:35 am

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Updated by Bernhard Hailer 10 months ago

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An empty settings page is usually caused by an out-of-range parameter in the radio.
Do you remember what you changed last? Try to restore it.

Updated by Ray Torella 10 months ago

The TYT-9800 now comes with Ham 2m & 70cm locked down. Everything works with CHIRP while locked. They include a password to open freqs with their software. You import radio, click on freq tab and it will ask for password. Once entered, it opens radio to freqs like Mars Murs mod. All options still available with factory software at that point. Import into CHRIP and all settings and options tabs are on right but each tab field only white background. I saved the original radio image before doing password MURS MARS. After reloading ham only image to radio, then import into CHIRP, all option and settings are available to select and save to radio. Problem is the factory software is clunky and I want to have MURS MARS available in an emergency. But without seeing the actual settings in CHIRP when returned to ham bands only creates possibility that CHIRP could change any-all settings in radio.

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