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As far as I know, is a snap the same for most of the Linux distributions, but I can be wrong.
With snap you have a package with all the files in it, and it is running in a sandbox.
In this case, it would be simple to put python-2 in the snap package.
With flatpak it is working, and that was the meaning ........

For info: I use it for the Baofeng UV-82 (not the HP, they send me the wrong one, but I'll keep this one).

Than your question about developing a driver.
I'm not a programma, I can a little programming in PHP, but not in any other language, sorry (sometimes I use bwbasic).
For the Ubuntu community I test Xubuntu and give support in the Dutch language (for the Netherlands and a part of Belgium).
I am already using Xubuntu Groovy, 20.10, that will be released in october 2020.
There must be a stupid one that reports problems :-)

Manu thanks for your aswer and reaction.
Ron, pa0bak

You wrote:
Issue #7871 has been updated by Tony Fuller.

Hi Ron,

Thanks for the feedback on the flatpak. We definitely appreciate it!

To directly answer your question, about creating a snap: I don't know if it's more simple or more complex compared to creating a flatpak. I've never done it.

To play devils advocate: Suppose someone creates a snap, then someone else who uses comes along and says "Couldn't you have created an AppImage? It's native to . Everyone else just needs to install the AppImage runtime thingy" It's all point of reference IMO ;) :) Believe me, my daily driver is Ubuntu based, so I'm inclined to give snaps a shot.

But creating something is only half the battle because it also needs to be maintained. I noticed that the CHIRP package maintainer for Fedora mentioned something about creating a flatpak and I jumped in a helped out. I'm a horrible maintainer but I can spend a few hours here and there and chip in if there's a possibility it will help others. It is possible to create a snap for CHIRP but we'd need a maintainer to keep it updated as CHIRP releases.

Regarding the Midland CT-3000/Anytone AT778UV/Retevis RT-95 mobile, I see some interest in it over the past 12 months but it doesn't seem like anyone with a radio has matched up with anyone willing to do the development. Would you be willing to part ways with the radio for some time for a developer to create the driver?

Would you be able to let us know which radio(s) you successfully used the flatpak with?

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Hello Ron, Please don't open new issues when there's already one about the topic (in your case #7871).
I've copied and pasted your input back and will close this ticket.
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