Bug #7993

Installation with apt package manager on Ubuntu (Focul) fails

Added by Patrick Sharp about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Status:Closed Start date:06/18/2020
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Chirp Version:daily Platform:Linux
Model affected:Installation


sudo apt-add-repository ppa:dansmith/chirp-snapshots <<- appears to work
sudo apt-get update << appears to work , has very similar output as the command above
sudo apt-get install chirp-daily << the problem

apt-get install chirp-daily reports E: Unable to locate package chirp-daily

This is a brand new ubuntu install as of today , with no mods at all

Not sure what else you need for information, as it is not program related. Very much installation related

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Updated by Patrick Sharp about 2 years ago

I can see a spelling difference in the PPA snapshot screen

FOCUL is the name given to the new Ubuntu release
FOCAL is the name used on the page at : https://launchpad.net/~dansmith/+archive/ubuntu/chirp-snapshots

I think I can see the obvious solution to this, but thinking I may try mint first

Updated by Kalle Tuulos about 2 years ago

"Focal" is correctly spelled and it is indeed the name of the Ubuntu 20.04 release.

oh1hqz@oh1hqz:~$ lsb_release -a
No LSB modules are available.
Distributor ID: Ubuntu
Description: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
Release: 20.04
Codename: focal

The real problem is, that Ubuntu 20.04 switched to Python3 and some Python2 related packages, like python-serial, are not available on it.

Chirp should be ported to use Python3 natively and all references to Python2 libraries should be removed.

Updated by James LePage almost 2 years ago

Does anyone have a workaround for this?
Just got my first HT and was really hoping to get this set up on my PC running Ubuntu 20.04...

Updated by James LePage almost 2 years ago

Would installing Python2 and using the method described here to set up switching between Python2 and Python3 work? Or is there a better solution on the horizon? I don’t want to go mucking around with my Python installation if there’s a Py3 version of Chirp right around the corner... thanks in advance!


Updated by Achim Dreyer almost 2 years ago

The current Ubuntu release has no longer the necessary python2 packages in their repository.
You could try to get install the whole python2 library tree.

- build a container with an older ubuntu system that has python2 and map the UI and serial port.. (ugly)
- update CHIRP for Python3 (major undertaking, but I am willing to help)

Updated by Denis Ouellet almost 2 years ago

There is plan to update Py3 for FOCAL

Updated by Bernhard Hailer over 1 year ago

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The flatpack approach described in #7845 might help. Let us know.

Updated by Bernhard Hailer over 1 year ago

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  • Model affected changed from (All models) to Installation

The flatpack approach has been widely acceprted as the solution for this problem.

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