Bug #813

Data Field "Name" Not Uploading Correctly- UV-5R+

Added by Bryon Hume over 9 years ago. Updated over 9 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:04/28/2013
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Target version:0.3.1
Chirp Version:0.3.0 Platform:Windows
Model affected:Baofeng UV-5R+


Scanned the posts, did not see this issue. I am able to connect to radio fine, kind of. When uploading data, the "Name" data field that is listed in the .img file, memory location one is duplicated in all subsequent memory channels as displayed on the radio, but are listed on the PC screen correctly. I happen to have 98 memories programmed in the .img file, and Memory 0 through Memory 98 display the same value as location 1 on the radio screen. I also used a previous daily version with the same results. Using 0.3.1 now and no change.
Get this: Downloading the data from the radio back to the PC and it appears correctly on the PC screen.
Display glitch?
Thanks for all of your hard work.

UV-5r Program.img - Image file I am using for programming (6.3 kB) Bryon Hume, 04/28/2013 06:52 pm

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Updated by Jim Unroe over 9 years ago

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CHIRP is working fine.

The UV-5R has 2 frequency/channel display lines. The top line is the [A] display and the bottom line is the [B] display. They are completely independent from each other and cannot be automatically synchronized.

The user can also specify the Menu Display Format for each display line. The three selections are CHannel number, NAME and FREQuency. They are set via the keypad using menu 21 (MDF-A) and menu 22 (MDF-B), or better yet, by using the Display Mode (A) and Display Mode (B) settings of the CHIRP Settings --> Basic Settings menu.

According to the image file that you provided, your UV-5R set to the factory default MDF-A = NAME and MDF-B = FREQ. As in your case, when the [B] display selected (indicated by the black triangle to the left), you will scroll through your 99 channels by frequency. Notice that the corresponding channel number to the far right also changes. The [A] display will not change (notice the channel number to the far right remains the same). Changing the channel of the selected display does not affect the channel number of the display that is not selected. That is how the UV-5R works.

Tap the [A/B] button to select the [A] display (triangle cursor to left of the top line) and scroll through the programmed channels. You will now see the same 99 possible channels being scrolled through by "your" name data. The [B] display will stay put indicating the frequency of the channel it currently has selected.

If you haven't already, visit the Miklor website to learn more about your UV-5R and how it works (www.miklor.com).


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