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Nothing in the ports list Chromebook Linux

Added by Jason Crago about 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Linux
Model affected:Chromebook


I have been successful with Windows 10 and Linux Mint 20 versions of Chirp (2 different laptops). Those computers are very old and I am hoping we can get my pixel book working. For Mint and this linux install, I followed this youtube video: Install Chirp on Ubuntu 20.04
Everything seems to work except there are no com ports listed in order to bring in the radio download or to upload from my pixel book.
This same cable works on both Windows 10 and Mint 20 for the Baofeng UV-5R+ and the Btech UV-5X3 (2 different laptops).
Files attached.

debug.log (26.3 kB) Jason Crago, 10/13/2020 08:29 pm

dmesg.txt (58.8 kB) Jason Crago, 10/13/2020 08:29 pm

lsblk and lsusb.txt (391 Bytes) Jason Crago, 10/13/2020 08:29 pm


Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 2 years ago

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Something is amiss in your Mint installation on your Chromebook (not a Chirp issue).
You may want to research on MINT and Chromebook forums, and/or ask your question on the mailing list. Please report back when you find a solution.

Updated by Jim Unroe about 2 years ago

No ports listed would be an indication that you don't have the correct (or any) device driver installed. In Linux the device driver is baked into the operating system. In Windows, either Windows automatically downloads and installs a compatible device driver or the user can download the needed device driver from the chip vendor's website and install it. I'm not positive, but I don't think the device drivers are available for Chrome OS. See this link.


Updated by Jason Crago about 2 years ago

@Bernahard Hailer: Thank you. I don't have mint on my chromebook, mint and windows were separate computers. BUT! I will report back if I do find a solution. Thank you for responding.

@Jim Unroe: Thank you for your input on this issue. I think you are very likely correct. I will try reaching out to google to see if they have any suggestions for drivers. Thank you!

Updated by Bernhard Hailer almost 2 years ago

Jason, any update? Thanks.

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