Feature #8583

Remove "-" from Retevis RT-5R and RT-5RV Model Names

Added by Jim Unroe almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:12/23/2020
Priority:Normal Due date:
Assignee:Jim Unroe % Done:


Target version:chirp-daily
Chirp Version:daily Model affected:Retevis RT5R, RT5RV


Retevis has requested for a change to how 2 of their radio models are listed in CHIRP. The changes are as follows...

RT-5R > RT5R


Associated revisions

Revision 3462:2b73ceb0d445
Added by Jim Unroe almost 2 years ago

[UV5R] RT-5R and RT-5RV: Remove "-" from Model Name

This patch removed the "-" from the radio's model name.

RT-5R > RT5R

This will break older versions of chirp when they try to open images saved
from newer ones for no real reason, but backwards compatibility going forward
is preserved, which is the important thing.


(with some edits from Dan Smith)

Revision 3461:ecf910e9fab7
Added by Dan Smith almost 2 years ago

Add vendor/model compatibility mapping to directory

This allows us to change radio model identification over time in the
rare circumstances where it is appropriate or necessary.

Preparation for #8583


Updated by Jim Unroe almost 2 years ago

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A patch has been submitted.


Updated by Bernhard Hailer almost 2 years ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to Closed
  • Model affected changed from RT5R RT5RV to Retevis RT5R, RT5RV

Corrected list of Supported Radios.

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