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Wouxun kg-uv9d MATE

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Status:Feedback Start date:03/10/2021
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Target version:chirp-daily
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I have tried using the uv9d plus to program the new Mate. The radio takes the program and stores it and when requested it uploads back into chirp with no issues. However the program isn’t being used by the radio. None of the memory is used. The only memory in the radio are channels programmed manually.

debug.log (1012.1 kB) Chad Koranda, 03/10/2021 01:34 pm

Browser.png (79.4 kB) Alexander Garanin, 09/22/2021 09:32 am

Settings.png (37.4 kB) Alexander Garanin, 09/22/2021 09:32 am

debug.log (256.8 kB) Alexander Garanin, 09/22/2021 09:32 am


Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 1 year ago

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Could you please provide a debug log as described in the Wiki: "How To Report Issues"? Thanks!

Updated by Chad Koranda about 1 year ago

Updated by Chad Koranda about 1 year ago

I programmed about 30 channels manually but did not put it names. When I load the program it associates the name to the channel I manually programmed. However if I go to the second radio ( working with 2 new KG-UV9D MATTE) it will not take the channels and associate them. I only manually programmed 2 channels on the second radio to see if it will populate and it does not.

Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 1 year ago

Looks like there's a firmware change which needs to be addressed.
If I understand you correctly, all goes fine, but the radio claims after upload that there are no channels currently in use?

Updated by Chad Koranda about 1 year ago


Updated by Michael Britt about 1 year ago

I am having the same issue with my Wouxun KG-UV9D Plus.

Updated by Ryan Rieck about 1 year ago

I just bought a Wouxun KG-UV9D Mate. Just wondering what the ETA is on getting Chirp to work with it so I can program easier?

Updated by Frito Lay about 1 year ago

I was helping a friend who just got the KG-UV9D Mate. We figured out that if you program it with the latest version of CHIRP, you do indeed not get anything to show up on the radio. If you then download the Wouxun KG-UV9D-MATE Programming software directly from the manufacturer's website, and then read from the radio, you will see what was programmed by CHIRP in the Wouxun software. Then, just write back to the radio and the channels should now be usable. In my experience, reading from, and then immediately writing to the radio, it gave me errors/warnings that needed to be fixed, leading me to believe that CHIRP is simply programming values into fields that aren't supported by the radio. Hopefully this is helpful!

Updated by Alexander Garanin 8 months ago

I am testing daily-20210922 with my new UV9D MATE now, using the "UV9D Plus" profile, and it seems to be partially working.
That is, I can read channels as well as write them, and see them later in the radio.

However, no settings are displayed, at all. However, the Browser tab does show some data, including scan groups for example.

I've attached the debug.log

Updated by Garrett McLarty 7 months ago

I had the same trouble, went into the radio manually and toggled the memory channels on, after that, the CHIRP programmed channels appear. I could not try the work around with the Wouxun software as I do not have a windows PC readily available.

Hope that helps

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