Bug #9673

chirp python3 version

Added by Jordi Guri 19 days ago.

Status:New Start date:12/31/2021
Priority:Low Due date:
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Target version:chirp-py3
Chirp Version:daily Platform:Windows
Model affected:(All models)


This is more a query than a "bug" ...

Python2 reached end-of-life a year ago (Jan/2020) and Python2 has not been supported since that time. But I think Chirp is still using python2?

I love using Chirp. It's a fantastic application and project. And as far as Python goes, although it may be a very popular programming language, having to manage all of it's parts & pieces is a HUGE PITA. So from my point-of-view myself & Python are really the problem here, and not Chirp.

I've had Chirp running just fine on Debian based disttibutions of linux (eg. Linux Mint). But these linux versions have become bloatware to me. So I have been using other linux distros (eg. Alpine, Slackware, Artix) which are smaller, faster, reliable & powerful. And in most all linux distributions, Python2 is/has been dropped.

I've tried using https://chirp.danplanet.com/projects/chirp/wiki/Linux_Python3, flatpak, and trying to debug the pile of Chirp startup error messages;
"Failed to import /home/jordi/chirp.hg/chirp/drivers/ft2900: invalid syntax (ft2900.py, line 540)"
"Failed to import /home/jordi/chirp.hg/chirp/drivers/thuv1f: invalid syntax (thuv1f.py, line 217)"
"Failed to import /home/jordi/chirp.hg/chirp/drivers/baofeng_common: invalid syntax (baofeng_common.py, line 167)"
... etc.

to try and determine which PITA Python piece(s) and/or PATHS I may be missing to try and make this Python2 program run under Python3.

So my question.. Is an actual "Chirp Python3" coded version of the program going to be available in the not too distant future?

Thanks for everything, and Happy New Year!


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