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01:03 pm CHIRP Feature #9533 (Resolved): Questions about Flatpak
Closing old ticket. CHIRP can now be installed onto various non-x86 platforms either via snap,


11:19 pm CHIRP Bug #10056: Export to CSV not exporting all appropriate fields
Hi Chris,
Thanks for adding the img and csv files. They are very helpful in understanding what is going on.
I c...


03:37 pm CHIRP Bug #10052 (Resolved): flatpak and .gz no go on Debian Bullseye
Hi Dale,
Thanks for reporting back on your success. I'll go ahead and close out this ticket.


10:55 pm CHIRP Bug #10041 (Resolved): How do I print
10:54 pm CHIRP Bug #10041: How do I print
I Joel,
I would use File -> Save As and save the file in CSV format. Then you can open and print that csv file wit...
06:14 pm CHIRP Bug #10052: flatpak and .gz no go on Debian Bullseye
Hi Dale,
I'm not familiar with that alexlarsson repo but the wiki page is updated with installation instructions a...


03:03 pm CHIRP Bug #10040: Latest version will not open older BAOFENG BF-888S but will open newer radios Veriso ...
I wonder if "download" here means "send to radio".
I have a similar experience with my older Baofeng 777 radio, ex...


01:00 pm CHIRP Bug #9927: Failed to clone: module 'collections' has no attribute 'Callable'
Hi Bruce,
Dan accepts pull requests on and also via mailing list (I can't get emails from the mailing l...


06:52 pm CHIRP Bug #10015: Can't get install to work on Chromebook
This is expected, running the chirpw script from the source tarball doesn't usually work.
There's a number of dep...


02:46 pm CHIRP Bug #10007: Corrupt installer error.
I had Virus Total scan the file. It uses 88 different engines and none of them show the ZIP as being malicious.

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