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i have down loaded snapd, chirp and did all the things that i can find to do.
the systems comes up and says that it is all loaded.
but how do i start it there is no start program or button
i am lost
i am running linux mint 2.0 wanting to run chirp for a baofeng uv-5r+plus


Updated by Joseph David 9 months ago

This "issue" does not seem to be a Chirp issue, but rather a computer/Linux Mint issue. It certainly isn't urgent for the Chirp team.
I suspect you're using a version much higher than 2.0, since I'm currently running version 20.2. I don't believe they ever even had a 2.0 version.

On my machine, I installed the Flatpak version of Chirp, and it works well for me. Depending on your Version of Linux Mint, you may need to install the flatpak version.

YouTube is your friend in cases like this. Here's a video showing how to install Chirp in Linux Mint:

Here's a video on programming you radio using Chirp:

If you're not sure how to start Chirp in Linux Mint, you should be able to do so just like any other application.
Assuming it installed correctly, you should see it in your applications on your "start" menu.

Once it opens, you should be able to connect a radio to the computer through your programming cable, then use Chirp to Download (read) from the radio (select this option from the Chirp menu bar).
You can then edit the resulting file to your liking, and upload (write) it back to the radio.

It's really pretty simple, and the videos linked above should help, but if not, a quick search on YouTube should provide more information.

Updated by Bernhard Hailer 9 months ago

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As lined out above, this isn't isn't a Chirp bug, nor a Feature or New Model request.
This is a question best asked on the mailing list.
If Jim's input didn't help, then you might get more feedback there.

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