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03:55 AM CHIRP Bug #9893: Flatpak
Joe popinski wrote:
> updating Flatpak give this error:
> Looking for updates…
> Info: org.kde.Platform//5.15 ...
Joseph David


06:08 AM CHIRP New Model #9237: Radioddity GM-30
It looks like there are a few more GM-30 clones coming to the market. The Rugged GMR2 looks like the same radio as do... Joseph David
06:05 AM CHIRP New Model #9798: Baofeng GM-15 Pro
The GM-15 Pro looks to be yet another clone of the Radioddity GM-30 / Tidradio TD-H5 / Rugged GMR2 / Pofung P15UV rad... Joseph David


09:31 AM CHIRP New Model #9429: Baofeng UV-15R
Did you try the TYT UV88 or Retevis RT85 profile in Chirp?
This looks like a copy of those radios, though, on Banggo...
Joseph David
09:25 AM CHIRP New Model #9237: Radioddity GM-30
Just for clarification:
It seems there are two almost identical Baofeng/Pofung models: P15UV and UV-15R.
The P15U...
Joseph David


12:47 PM CHIRP New Model #9677: very new to all
This "issue" does not seem to be a Chirp issue, but rather a computer/Linux Mint issue. It certainly isn't urgent for... Joseph David


12:18 PM CHIRP New Model #9589: UV5R-A8
didier MUSIELAK wrote:
> Bonjour, je viens d'acquérir un UV5R-A8 (tri power)quel model de programme choisir?
> Cord...
Joseph David


04:59 PM CHIRP New Model #9237: Radioddity GM-30
This is an update regarding Alex Martin's post about the Pofung P15UV. I saw a new listing for the radio and it looks... Joseph David


10:35 AM CHIRP New Model #9237: Radioddity GM-30
I just obtained a pair of Tidradio TD-H5 GMRS radios, and they are nearly identical to the GM-30. I was able to succe... Joseph David


12:03 AM CHIRP New Model #9235: Baofeng UV-5G
I used the new UV-5G module to program my Radioddity/Baofeng UV-5X GMRS radio successfully. One thing to note is that... Joseph David

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