Bug #211

Updated by Dan Smith almost 11 years ago

 Here's what I received from Jim KC3HI 
 Being sent as a reference to the original request. 

 Q:    Can I disable the transmitter on Monitor Only frequencies? 
 A:     Yes. This can be done using the CHIRP    software. 
         Enter the desired receive frequency. 
         In the Duplex Field, select    SPLIT 
         In the Offset    Field, enter        0.0 
       000.000 will display when transmitter is keyed. No RF is generated. 

 The method shown is much simpler, but I preferr to put 1666.666650 in 
 the Offset Field. This is the value that would be in there if you 
 would download the channels from a radio that was programmed with the 
 Baofeng software and had the TX field blank. This works because with a 
 1.666666650 GHz offset, the TX frequency is out of range no matter 
 what RX frequency is programmed. It also results in the same behavior 
 as a channel programmed with a blank TX frequency using the Baofeng 
 software; a short beep is emitted when the PTT is depressed to let you 
 know that TX was inhibited. 
 Jim KC9HI 

 Thanks again,John    K3NXU