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UV5R - Prevent transmit on desird frequencies - Part 2

Added by John LaMartina over 11 years ago. Updated over 11 years ago.

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Here's what I received from Jim KC3HI
Being sent as a reference to the original request.

Q: Can I disable the transmitter on Monitor Only frequencies?
A: Yes. This can be done using the CHIRP software.
Enter the desired receive frequency.
In the Duplex Field, select SPLIT
In the Offset Field, enter 0.0
000.000 will display when transmitter is keyed. No RF is generated.

The method shown is much simpler, but I preferr to put 1666.666650 in
the Offset Field. This is the value that would be in there if you
would download the channels from a radio that was programmed with the
Baofeng software and had the TX field blank. This works because with a
1.666666650 GHz offset, the TX frequency is out of range no matter
what RX frequency is programmed. It also results in the same behavior
as a channel programmed with a blank TX frequency using the Baofeng
software; a short beep is emitted when the PTT is depressed to let you
know that TX was inhibited.

Thanks again,John K3NXU

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Updated by John LaMartina over 11 years ago

My suggestion is to add a REC ONLY option to the DUPLEX field
that would emmulate SPLIT 0.0 or SPLIT 1666.666650

0.0 displays 000.000 on the screen
while 1666.666650 displays 666.666

John K3NXU

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Updated by Jim Unroe over 11 years ago


Actually I was mistaken in my comment. The 1666.666650 value is what CHIRP displays for the offset of a channel that was programmed with a blank TX frequency by the Baofeng software. CHIRP honors this value and will upload it to the UV-5R fine. When the PTT of the radio is pressed on a channel with the offset programmed this way, the receive frequency continues to show, the radio emits a short beep, the TX LED does not light and the TX backlight does not light. I thought I had programmed a few channels directly entering 1666.666650 into CHIRP but it turns out I was mistaken.

If a channel is programmed using CHIRP, 1666.666650 can be entered into the Offset field but the value will get changed to 666.666650 when it is uploaded to the UV-5R and/or saved and retrieved from a file. Editing or copying a channel with a working 1666.666650 offset value will get changed to 666.666650 value as well. In this scenario, pressing the PTT changes the display to 666.666, lights the TX LED and causes the TX backlight to come on. The good news is that even though the radio gives all appearances of transmitting, I don't believe it actually is.

Although it would be nice to have a REC ONLY setting, I would be happy if CHIRP would just completely honor the 1666.666650 offset value.


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Updated by Dan Smith over 11 years ago

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Fixed in r1674.

Note that because of the way the UI works, this may be a little less than intuitive. To access the flag, right-click on a memory and choose "edit". In the details dialog, the flag can be toggled. The gotcha is that any subsequent edits in-line (i.e. not using the edit box) will reset that flag. At some point, some tweaking of the UI should be able to eliminate that behavior, but it's more complicated to fix than just adding this feature.


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