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07:35 AM CHIRP Bug #8653 (New): CHIRP Launches and Immediately Crashes on Mac, OS 10.12.6
I downloaded the latest update to CHIRP and now it won't launch on my Mac, running 10.12.6.
Ever since I download...
Steven Frischling


07:33 PM CHIRP Bug #8413 (Closed): Anytone 5888 & CHIRP Crashing Every Single Time Its Done Reading The Radio
This evening I tried to read an Anytone 5888 a number of times with CHIRP on my Mac, and every single time it reached... Steven Frischling


12:35 PM CHIRP Bug #4925: Chirp & Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra ... a no go?)
Tom Hayward wrote:
> Sounds like you need to install drivers for your cable.
I have reinstalled all the drivers, ...
Steven Frischling
12:22 PM CHIRP Bug #4925 (Rejected): Chirp & Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra ... a no go?)
I upgraded my OS to 10.12 and Chirp will no longer allow me to access the USB programming cable. I have tried both ca... Steven Frischling

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