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11:28 PM CHIRP Bug #5991: Icom IC-V82
Seems to work ok now. David Bowman


03:14 PM CHIRP Bug #5991 (Closed): Icom IC-V82
I'm unable to download from the radio. I get "An error has occurred. Unable to probe radio band." It works with th... David Bowman


04:34 PM CHIRP Bug #238: Edit not working properly

It seems to work fine. Is a tone and a tone squelch ever different? If
so, the spreadsheet and edit won't let yo...
David Bowman


09:50 PM CHIRP Feature #249 (Closed): Print the spreadsheet
Include the ability to print the CHIRP spreadsheet. David Bowman


11:20 PM CHIRP Bug #238 (Closed): Edit not working properly
I'm unable to update the offset and offset direction using the edit function. Updating the chart will work with the ... David Bowman


10:22 PM CHIRP Bug #210: POSSIBLE bug (build 20120608) and Baofeng UV-5R
She was wide awake with I unbricked it. Thanks for all you do for us Dan! David Bowman
06:08 PM CHIRP Bug #210: POSSIBLE bug (build 20120608) and Baofeng UV-5R
Same issue here. David Bowman


05:04 PM CHIRP Bug #207 (Closed): Ref bug 202
After reading from the radio the Power on Message 1 and Power on Message 2 field in the program should populate with ... David Bowman


03:14 PM CHIRP Bug #202 (Closed): "Invalid character" error when downloading UV-5R
During d/l from radio the error " Value contains invalid character X" in CHIRP daily-20120607. No debug file found i... David Bowman


09:46 PM CHIRP Feature #199 (Rejected): Baofeng UV-5R
Add the ability to change the power on message like the Baofeng VIP version. David Bowman

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