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01:50 pm CHIRP Bug #2697: Weather Alert frequencies are labeled wrong
Peter Sheerin wrote:
> I goofed in the sample file I uploaded, and the new file is thus still wrong.
> The refe...


10:54 am CHIRP Revision 2809:61f4538d428b: Minor PEP8 cleanup for some drivers. Fixes #4161.


01:09 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#146)
01:07 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: Developers (#9)


01:21 pm CHIRP Bug #4107 (Resolved): new PMR 8 chnnels
01:20 pm CHIRP Bug #4161 (Resolved): Minor PEP8 cleanup for some drivers


12:49 pm CHIRP Revision 2799:b843b756dc3c: Add 8 new PMR channels to LPD and PMR stock config. Fixes #4107.
12:46 pm CHIRP Bug #4107 (In Progress): new PMR 8 chnnels
12:20 pm CHIRP Bug #3945: Upload to FT-817ND not possible
I have a Yaesu FT-817ND (North American a.k.a. "US" version) and have also tried this with an older FT-817 (North Ame...
12:05 pm CHIRP Bug #3743 (Resolved): Error when importing NOAA stock config
Looks like this was probably caused by something I did for #2697. Oops.
Thanks for the fix, Dave.

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