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05:40 pm CHIRP Bug #3025: FT-1802 Fails to upload
Attempted with failed as before, all other info as in original report.
As it is loadi...


10:02 pm CHIRP Feature #3205 (Feedback): Leixen VV-898 Frequency range
Today I received a new Leixen VV-898 radio and programmed it with chirp-daily-20160116. Chirp didn't import several ...


04:59 pm CHIRP Bug #3025 (Feedback): FT-1802 Fails to upload
I can download from my Yaesu FT-1802 fine. When I upload it seems to finish, the Chirp transfer window disappears bu...


08:30 pm CHIRP Bug #1821 (Closed): Can't upload to FT-1802
When trying to upload to an FT-1802M it stops with "ERROR" showing on the radio. The CHIRP progress bar always stops...

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