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04:53 am CHIRP Bug #5545 (Closed): Icon Ic2200h no longer will upload or download
Recent versions have broken the transfer protocol for older Icom radios. As such, chirp no longer supports these rad...


12:31 pm CHIRP Bug #5373 (New): "S-INFO" Stored signal code does not transmit when PTT-ID is enabled to select o...
Code stored in MENU 22 S-INFO (DTMF encode options in Chirp) is not transmitted when the function is enabled on (wi...
12:16 pm CHIRP Feature #5371 (New): BTECH UV-25X4 Squelch threshhold "service settings" request.
Would like to see a "service settings" menu to allow the squelch thresholds to be adjusted, like in the UV-5X3 and ot...


09:10 pm CHIRP Bug #5333 (Closed): BTECH UV-5X3 "service settings" do not adjust squelch threshold.
Making changes tot he squelch threshold settings have no affect on operation of the squelch. You can test this by se...


12:03 pm CHIRP Feature #4989 (New): Need to be able to define band edges in Btech "X-series" mobiles, UV-25X4, etc
Band edges are displayed in Chirp, however they are greyed out. We need the capability to edit these band edges, to ...


11:23 am CHIRP Bug #4497 (Closed): 1.25 M (220 Mhz) Amateur band incorrectly defaults to Narrow band
1.25 M (220 Mhz) Amateur band incorrectly defaults to Narrow band. All amateur frequencies are Wide band. Please co...


03:50 pm CHIRP Bug #4211 (New): UV5-X3 220 MHZ defaults to NBFM
1.25 meters should always default t0 wide fm.


11:41 am CHIRP New Model #4075 (New): Puxing PX-UV9R
_(Original title: "puxing uv-973/uv9r")_
Please add support for the above mentioned radios. This model is closely r...


02:51 pm CHIRP Feature #2811 (Feedback): Allow Canadian ZIP codes to download from RR database
From a user on RadioReference:
Any Canadians had luck using the CHIRP software to access RR with an account to obt...


01:35 pm CHIRP Feature #2633 (Rejected): Remove: Marine, FRS, GMRS data
The use of Marine, FRS and GMRS frequencies is illegal on most, if not all models supported by CHIRP. It is well kno...

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