Gabriel Marcus

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12:44 pm CHIRP Bug #6779 (Closed): RX DTCS Reverts to Tx only
I need to have transmit/receive DTCS of 114. When I set this in CHIRP, it seems to retain the setting until I close a...


07:49 pm CHIRP Bug #3963 (New): UV-82C Work Mode Settings
In Settings> Work Mode Settings>VFO/MR mode. The two choices are Channel and Frequency.
Is it possible to tie the c...


05:37 pm CHIRP Bug #3831 (Feedback): Artifact on screen of VX-8 after programming
I've owned this VX-8R for about 5 years and this week obtained a Valley programming cable for it.
After I program t...


08:34 pm CHIRP Bug #3819 (Rejected): RepeaterBook Wrong Offset
King County 6m repeaters.
Correct in Repeaterbook's web listing
Incorrect in CHIRP.
Using CHIRP daily-20160706

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