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RX DTCS Reverts to Tx only

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Model affected:Baofeng UV-82C


I need to have transmit/receive DTCS of 114. When I set this in CHIRP, it seems to retain the setting until I close and reopen the img file. Then it changes to a DTCS of 114 with no Rx code.

Using CHIRP daily-20190429
Baofeng UV-82C

CHIRP.PNG - Cross mode DTCS->DTCS reverts to Tx only when saving (5.1 kB) Gabriel Marcus, 05/09/2019 12:44 pm


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You would only use Cross as the Tone Mode and DTCS->DTCS and the Cross Mode when you want TX DTCS and RX DTCS to be different. When you do it the way you did and make them the same, CHIRP changes it to the way it should have been done.

Tone Mode: DTCS
DTCS Code: 114

The reason is when Tone Mode is DTCS, the DTCS Code selected is used for both RX and TX. The DTCS Rx Code is unused and ignored. When you have "Hide Unused Fields" enabled (the default for new CHIRP installs) the DTCS Rx Code field will be blank to indicate it is not being used. CTCSS works the same way when Tone Mode is set to TSQL.

Upload the above to your radio and you will see menu 10 (R-DCS) and menu 12 (T-DCS) both set to D114N (assuming DTCS Pol is set to NN).

By the way, for DTCS 114 to be TX only it would be programmed like this.

Tone Mode: Cross
DTCS Code: 114
Cross Mode: DTCS->


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Solution suggested; no more traffic on this ticket.

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