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winget only installs version 20221025

Added by Bryan Harper 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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The download url in winget for chirp.chirp is
This is preventing upgrading to new daily versions of CHIRP from winget.

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Updated by Dan Smith 6 months ago

I dunno where that gets set or what it needs to be set to. So, please explain like I'm a non-windows user ('cause I'm not).

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Updated by Bryan Harper 6 months ago

From an updated Windows 10, launch CMD or Powershell as an administrator.
Type "winget upgrade" to list all software that has a new version listed in the winget database. Type "winget upgrade chirp.chirp" to update only Chirp or "winget upgrade --all" to install all available upgrades.

Type "winget show chirp.chirp" and you get the following.
"C:\Windows\system32>winget show chirp.chirp
Version: daily-20221025
Publisher: CHIRP
Publisher Url:
Publisher Support Url:
Author: Dan Smith KK7DS with significant contributions from Tom KD7LXL, Marco IZ3GME, Jim KC9HI.
Description: A free, open-source tool for programming your amateur radio / ham radio transceiver.
License: GPL-3.0
License Url:
Copyright Url:
Type: nullsoft
Download Url:
SHA256: 9b7330e903e68eeda9d24b27e0e6b8438c426eed7ad238a9cc00b55a0eba62bb"

The download Url is pointing to a specific verison of chirp. So winget will only download or update to that specific version of chirp. daily-20221025

If I type in "winget upgrade" it will list any software that shows a newer version available for download. e.g. Gimp. If I run the command "winget upgrade" and find there is an updated version of Gimp available. I can type in "winget update gimp.gimp" a quiet or unattended install of Gimp will install.

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Updated by Bryan Harper 6 months ago

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Updated by Dan Smith 6 months ago

Okay, but... I dunno how "winget" knows where to download chirp. If someone has taught winget about about chirp, I don't know who that is.

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Updated by Tony Fuller 6 months ago

I had no idea winget was a thing for windows. It looks useful, thanks for sharing :)

With that said, it looks like obtaining CHIRP via winget is a community maintained effort hosted at

Since it's hosted on I think anyone could set up a github action to automate sending a PR for the latest version.

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Updated by Martin Cooper 6 months ago

Yeah, Tony is right, someone would need to set up a GitHub action or something to keep this up to date. Since winget uses hardcoded Chirp daily build dates (currently 20221207), the manifest needs to be updated each time there's a new Chirp daily build. It looks like it takes a few days from submitting a PR to winget and the update making it into a winget build, so it'll always be a bit behind.

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Updated by Dan Smith 5 months ago

  • Status changed from New to Rejected

Gonna mark this as rejected since it's not a bug in chirp or our build system.


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