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07:14 pm CHIRP Bug #9423 (Closed): Broken chirpc setter commands
Setter commands in chirpc that use custom actions are broken. It looks like the breakage happened when optparse was r...


09:52 am CHIRP Bug #9393 (New): MacOS Unified Application does not run on El Capitan
The MacOS Unified Application, currently built in a High Sierra (10.13) environment, does not run on El Capitan (10.1...


03:48 pm CHIRP Bug #5427: CHIRP START-UP
Per the Download page, the preferred way to install Chirp on Mac is now to use the MacOS Unified Application. This ap...
02:59 pm CHIRP Bug #6371: All text rendered as squares in chirp-daily-20190112 (macOS)
Please try the latest Chirp, available as a MacOS Unified Application. As a self-contained application, the likelihoo...
02:54 pm CHIRP Bug #9033: CHIRP terminates abnormally when launched -- details below)
You might try the most recent daily build (the MacOS Unified Application version). A crash on startup on Mac was just...
02:35 pm CHIRP Bug #8773: Need help getting Chirp to download and open
Please make sure you are using the MacOS Unified Application, available from the Chirp Downloads page.
02:30 pm CHIRP Bug #9273: OS X El capitan 10.11.6 Error: Cask 'kk7ds-python-runtime' is unavailable: No Cask wi...
You should use the MacOS Unified Application instead of trying to use Homebrew. From the Chirp Downloads page:
02:19 pm CHIRP Bug #9319: Mac Big Sur -can't get Chirp 8 to replace Chirp 2
There is neither a "Chirp 2" nor a "Chirp 8". Could you elaborate on what you have installed, and from where you inst...
02:14 pm CHIRP Bug #8647: Chirp not working with Mac OS Big Sur
Are you using the Mac Unified Application? If not, please try that. GTK failures tend to result from an incom...
12:06 pm CHIRP Feature #8835: Some command line functionality
There's already a command line tool included as part of Chirp. Try 'chirpc -h' from the command line for info.

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