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05:09 pm CHIRP Bug #4165: Cannot communicate with UV-82 radio over included Baofeng pl2303-based programming cab...
It's not clear if this is relevant here, but do remember that USB to RS232 and USB to TTL serial adaptors are not the...


06:38 pm CHIRP Bug #7905 (In Progress): Issue with ICOM radios in general


04:30 pm CHIRP Feature #8085 (Closed): Assume ic910 23cm unit is present when no serial connection
Under certain circumstances, such as the tool, the driver is initialized without a serial connectio...


05:41 pm CHIRP Wiki edit: Supported_Radios (#271)


12:00 pm CHIRP New Model #567 (In Progress): Icom IC-910


09:38 pm CHIRP Feature #7995 (New): Create a searchable archive for chirp-devel
There's a searchable archive for chirp_users, but there is none for chirp_devel. A new searchable archive for chirp_d...


07:17 pm CHIRP Bug #5023: Icom IC-7100 writes wrong repeater offset
Under the Help menu, you should see "Enable Developer Functions". Once you do that, you'll find a Developer submenu u...


07:11 pm CHIRP Bug #5023: Icom IC-7100 writes wrong repeater offset
I don't have an IC-7100 to check, but looking at the code, it seems that the memory layout spec is incorrect, which m...


05:37 pm CHIRP Bug #7905: Issue with ICOM radios in general
Brian is correct. This is not related to serial communications, but is a bug in the detection code. The problem is th...

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