Feature #2675

Baofeng UV-82 "PTT-LT" Menu #20 not available in Chirps

Added by Chris Cunha over 7 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:Closed Start date:06/27/2015
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Target version:0.5.0
Chirp Version:daily Model affected:Baofeng UV-5R


Great job guys on Chirps! This software makes the Baofeng radio series the value it wouldn't be without Chirps.
For commercial/public service use the PTT ID (ANI) is used and is rather important especially when used on linked networks where there is a certain amount of latency from the time one keys the radio to the time all the link transmitters are up to link the network repeaters together. The amount of delay from the time a user keys the transmitter to the time the ANI sequence is sent is critical and is controlled by menu #20 within the radio. This setting is the key to having the ANI work properly. This setting "PTT-LT" as seen on the radio menu (#20) isn't available in the Chips software and must be altered from the radio only. Is it possible to add this to UV-82 configuration so it could be altered from Chirps? Looking at the existing tabs and pages in Chirps for the UV-82 it appears like this feature would be a feature that should appear under the "Properties" of each channel under the "other" tab as this is where the PTT ID toggle feature is located already.
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Revision 2580:9fe6dd706d7b
Added by Jim Unroe over 7 years ago

[UV-5R] Add Support for Menu 20 (PTT-LT)

Add setting to DTMF Settings menu for PTT-LT

Feature #2675


Updated by Chris Cunha over 7 years ago

A second look at the existing screens in Chirps it looks like it might make more sense to be placed in the DTMF section (because this is a global setting, not channel specific) rather then the channel specific "other" tab.
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Updated by Jim Unroe over 7 years ago

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I honestly don't know how this setting got overlooked. It has been available in the Baofeng UV-5R for over 3 years. A patch has been submitted that adds menu 20 (PTT-LT) to the UV-5R (and therefor all radios that are derived from that code -- including the UV-82). It will be in the DTMF Settings menu and it is called "PTT ID Delay".


Updated by Jim Unroe over 7 years ago

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Patch submitted.


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