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Required inaudible tones?

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Target version:0.4.1
Chirp Version:0.4.0 Platform:Windows
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I have the older BaoFeng (Pofung) Uv-3R radios. I tried putting together a "file" for them, using local repeaters, US Marine VHF and NOAA weather stations. I saved them all as *.CSV files. I tried leaving various columns blank, since those transmitters, or "channels", did not use tones and tone-controlled squelch. Unfortunately, CHIRP would not import those (CSV) files without some "value" in the "accepted range" for various columns.
Required values included "off" in the Duplex column; "0" (zero) in the Offset column; "some acceptable value" in the rToneFreq and cToneFreq columns. But that last value HAD to have a value from the available list; it could not be "zero".
I don't want to broadcast bass tones for my conversations, and the human ear can hear those tones.
I have read the documentation. I have read the FAQ and the Help files.
What have I not yet understood?
I would greatly appreciate your guidance.

If there is some way I might help you folks, please let me know.  I would like to perhaps code, test, or whatever.

Baofeng_UV-3R.csv (312 Bytes) Jim Unroe, 09/27/2015 06:54 am


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The "off" selection for Duplex is only added for radios that have the ability to have TX disabled. Not all radios have this ability. This may also be true for the UV-3R. Or it could be that is wasn't implemented. If you are able to inhibit TX using the OEM software, it should be possible to add this to the CHIRP support for the UV-3R.

Like it states in the CSV HowTo, "If there is ever a question, use CHIRP to create a file with a given value and observe what it puts into the CSV file as a result."

The attached file has 3 channels that were programmed using CHIRP and then exported to a .CSV file. Since the Tone field is {blank} for 2 of them, neither channel has any CTCSS tones or DTCS codes enabled (RX or TX). The required default values in the next 4 columns (rToneFreq, cToneFreq, DtcsCode and DtcsPolarity) are ignored when imported into CHIRP.

Channel 3 has Tone in the Tone field so CHIRP uses the value in the "rToneFreq" field (the default values in cToneFreq, DtcsCode and DtcsPolarity are ignored).

This is how CHIRP is programmed (and expected) to work.


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