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Retevis RT5RV (Baofeng UV5R variant) programming issue

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Model affected:Retevis RT5RV (Baofeng UV5R variant)



I have encountered another issue with my Baofeng UV5R variant the Retevis RT5RV. When I program channels into it and sync the radio using the Baofeng UV5R selector before syncing, my freq. direction goes to - on the radio instead of an individual direction ( or -) it shows both. And the offset returns to 000.000 instead of the programmed 000.600 khz? I can't even use the radio in CH mode.


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This is normal. It wouldn't matter if you programmed this radio with CHIRP, the OEM software or the keypad. This is how these radios work.

Menu 25 [SFT-D] and menu 26 [OFFSET] only function in VFO (frequency) mode. These menus have no purpose, and therefor do not function, in MR (channel) mode (The Reference for UV-5R Menus shows where and when each menu functions.). This is because these radios do not use or store shifts and offsets in memory channels. They are not needed. These radios instead store the RX frequency and the TX frequency.

CHIRP lets you enter a channel's parameters using a shift direction and offset, but CHIRP then uses these values to calculate the TX frequency. It is the RX frequency and the calculated TX frequency that get sent to the radio (because that is what these radios require).

Whenever a non-simplex channel is selected (such as a repeater, odd-split, cross-band or TX inhibited channel), the radio will display "+-" in the upper status display.

If you select a repeater channel (or any other non-simplex channel) in a display that has its Memory Display Format set to FREQ (menu 21 [MDF-A] or menu 22 [MDF-B]) you will see the RX frequency in that display. Then tap the [*] key to put the radio into "reverse" mode and you will now see the TX frequency. Tap the [*] again to exit "reverse" mode and the RX frequency will return.

CHIRP Guides and Examples for the UV-5R and similar radios


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