Bryan Vetor

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05:48 pm CHIRP Bug #3271 (Rejected): Baofeng UV5R Variant issues (Retevis RT5RV)
I have noticed that sometimes when I plug the usb into the radio it sticks on transmit. Software I'm using on...
01:17 pm CHIRP Bug #3269 (Rejected): firmware refresh? Retevis RT5RV
Thank you for your detailed response, but I think I might have messed the radio up now. I think its transmit ...
10:54 am CHIRP Bug #3267 (Closed): Retevis RT5RV (Baofeng UV5R variant) programming issue
I have encountered another issue with my Baofeng UV5R variant the Retevis RT5RV. When I program channels in...


08:58 pm CHIRP Bug #2885 (Closed): Retevis RT-5RV
Trying to connect this radio to use on CHIRP. I downloaded the python run time and well as a driver. I'm running Mac ...

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