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Icom IC-7300

Added by Marc Hillman over 4 years ago. Updated about 19 hours ago.

Status:In Progress Start date:08/27/2020
Priority:Normal Due date:02/05/2021
Assignee:Rick DeWitt % Done:


Target version:chirp-daily Estimated time:50.00 hours
Chirp Version:daily Equipment Loan Offered:No


Updated by Tim Smith almost 4 years ago

  • Subject changed from Please add ICOm IC-7300 to Icom IC-7300

Updated by Tony Ling 8 months ago

The IC-7300 is a truly ground breaking HF +6m +4m radio. It has been one of Icom's best selling radios in the five years since it was launched.
However, Icom have never produced any programming software for it. RT Systems provide a software product which works well but given the number of these units in the field now, I think it is worthy of inclusion on the CHIRP platform.

Updated by Rick DeWitt 5 months ago

  • Due date set to 10/01/2020
  • Status changed from New to In Progress
  • Assignee set to Rick DeWitt
  • Target version set to chirp-daily
  • Start date changed from 09/10/2016 to 08/27/2020
  • % Done changed from 0 to 10
  • Estimated time set to 50.00
  • Chirp Version changed from 0.4.0 to daily

I have a loaner IC-7300 on hand and am starting on the driver.
First release may be using CI-V (CAT) commands with a saved "image" file.
This first version will support memory channels and some settings.

A future release may use a true memory image if I can get the USB transfer commands captured.

Updated by Rick DeWitt 4 months ago

  • % Done changed from 10 to 90

Out for Beta testing.
Passes all style and operational tests.
PY3 bytes() compliant.

Updated by Rick DeWitt 4 months ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Resolved
  • % Done changed from 90 to 100

Driver submitted.

Updated by Elliott Cable 2 months ago

Rick DeWitt wrote:

Driver submitted.

Just checking - does this mean the latest nightlies should show the IC-7300 as an option when "Download from Radio" is selected? At the moment, under the "Icom" vendor, I don't see the 7300 (daily-20201014).

Thanks for your hard work! Let me know if I can help out in landing this patch. <3

Updated by Tony Ling about 1 month ago

Still no IC-7300 support included in 20201121 I note.

Updated by Jim Unroe about 1 month ago

  • Status changed from Resolved to In Progress

The developer was asked to do some additional work on the submitted driver.


Updated by Rick DeWitt about 1 month ago

Still waiting for the submitted driver to be included in the latest build...
If you would like a stand-alone version to test, please email me at

Updated by Rick DeWitt about 19 hours ago

  • Due date changed from 10/01/2020 to 02/05/2021
  • % Done changed from 100 to 90

Oops- backed the % done down to 90% since I am having some great European operators ringing out the "final" beta version.

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