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TYT TH-350

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I have written a driver for TYT TH-350, a tri-band FM handheld with a protocol similar to that of Baofeng UV-B5. This issue will be used to provide an overview of the model, and to highlight some of its oddities.

Product Page:
Test Mode Password: KT511

The programming protocol is mostly the same as UV-B5's, except that the initial handshake starts with TROGRAM rather than PROGRAM, and that it does not respond to a \x06 ack after a read operation. On the other hand, the channel memory layout is different, with tones encoded in a strange way. For some reason, TYT engineers have chosen to encode individual decimal digits of tones as hex digits. As an example, 107.2 is encoded as 0x10 0x72, and D754N is encoded as 0x87 0x54.

The official Windows programmer includes a "Power On Display" setting that can be configured to "Power On Pic," but there is no way to set an image file using the interface. The location and format of the start-up picture in the memory have yet to be figured out.

A test image is attached, and the driver will be sent to the mailing list.

TYT_TH-350.img (4.2 kB) Zhaofeng Li, 01/30/2019 01:26 am

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New Model #6421 TYT TH-350

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