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Requesting from Radioreference.com.com for a location outside of USA, ie the dreaded invalid county Id

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So, been fighting with this, and it’s obvious that the problem is that Chirp sends requests to radioreference.com using a Zipcode API which fails miserably for any non Us locale.
Can’t a dropdown to use “Metro Area” instead of Zipcode (with correct request natch) be added ?
It seems to be used for most Large countries.

Website searches using “County” as a droplist work, so that should be feasible. (No Zipcode search in Canada, but USA does get them, obviously)

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#4941 suggests that this has been resolved recently.
Did you try a recent build?

Updated by Jean Pichette 4 months ago


June 22nd 2020.
I did test with Actual american zipcodes, and it works for me. Completely useless, but it works. (90210, and a reserve one that I took from the report number in case the actual county ID was used to label the pdr reports generated.)

And tested queries at radioreference. (And double checked a dozen countries while editing this)

The entirety of this problem is that radioreference allows searches by Zipcodes , County and a few other options Like Metropolitan areas etc. . 
The options change by country.
Contrary to many databases they don’t seem to equate all the types of postal identifiers, so only real Zipcodes can be found by a zipcode search.
(Note The . Radioreference Website does not allow searching by postal code in canada, so may not actually have the information.)

Chirp ONLY offers to search by Zipcode.

Adding a County search would fix Canada
Adding a Region search would fix many countries, but not canada :) (This seems to be the default for the small countries with a single grouping)

So I’d suggest adding a pull down between Zipcode search, county, and Region. I think that would fix most countries.

P.s. I’m willing to do the entire research and check every listing To see if those 3 options would cover every countries. Might need a fourth, but I’d be surprised.


Updated by Jean Pichette 3 months ago

Tested the July 11th release.

No improvement.

Just keeping this active :)

Updated by Jean Pichette 3 months ago

Tested the july 22nd

Also, 4941 was a different (tho similar sounding issue) where a specific Zip code in Washington was buggy..

My issue is that there are no Zip Codes outside of the Us, and as long as Chirp will not provide a query by something other than a Zip Code, we can’t use it.
(Well, not the local frequency imports)

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