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Baofeng uv-82HP " Radio did not respond"

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I have a uv-82hp (second one with same issue). I try to download in chirp and it says the radio did not respond. I have used 2 diff cables from baofeng both with same issue on both radios. I can tell the cables work because I see the radio light up when I try the download. How can I get around this issue ?

debug.log - debug log from chirp software (31.9 kB) daryl howeth, 09/08/2021 03:22 pm

1-Device Manager.png (31.1 kB) Jim Unroe, 09/08/2021 06:27 pm

6-Update Drivers - PL2303HXA PHASED OUT SINCE 2012. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR SUPPLIER..png (17.4 kB) Jim Unroe, 09/08/2021 06:27 pm

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Updated by Jim Unroe about 1 month ago

The problem is you don't have a working connection between your radio and computer. For example, leave the programming cable unplugged and attempt a download from your radio. The error will be the same. No programming software can function without a working connection.

Common Causes

1. The 2-pin plug of the programming cable sticks in the metal sleeves in the socket of the radio just short of being fully inserted. This will be a solid stick and you will give you the feeling it is fully bottomed out when it isn't. I had to give it a wiggle and a push and it finally snapped in the rest of the way. I have finally developed "the knack" of getting it fully inserted the first time, every time.

2. Baofeng (the radio manufacturer in CHINA) used to manufacture their programming cables with an older Prolific USB-to-Serial chip. This chip is no longer supported by the Prolific device driver that is automatically installed by Windows (see attached screen capture). You must download, install and select an older Prolific device driver (v3.2.0.0 recommended - see screen capture). Once a compatible device driver is install you will see a proper device manager Device Manager entry (see screen capture).

3. Recently the Baofeng (the radio manufacturer in CHINA) labeled programming cables have been shipping with the WCH CH340 chip. Unfortunately Windows have been incorrectly installing the wrong driver (Prolific). When this happens, the user has to manually download and install the proper device driver from the chip vendor's website.

Quite a bit of information about programming cable issues, including links to the major USB-to-Serial chip vendor's driver downloads, can be found on the Drivers & Programming Cables page of the Miklor website.


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That worked Jim,,, thanks a TON !!

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daryl howeth wrote:

That worked Jim,,, thanks a TON !!

That's good to hear.


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