Bug #9739

Update flatpak runtime from 19.08 to 21.08

Added by Steven Falco 6 months ago. Updated 5 months ago.

Status:Feedback Start date:02/04/2022
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Chirp Version:daily Platform:Linux
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Chirp flatpak currently uses the 19.08 runtime, but that runtime is deprecated.

I've been able to build the chirp flatpak with the 21.08 runtime. A small patch is needed, and I've come up with two different ways to make the build succeed. The basic issue with using runtime 21.08 is that the libxml component tries (and fails) to build with python3.9, so we have to tell it to use python2.7 instead.

In version1.patch, the approach is to modify the configure script within the libxml component. The modified configure script then looks for python2.7, finds it, and the build succeeds.

In version2.patch, the approach is to pass an option flag into the libxml configure script, telling it to look for python in /app rather than in /bin. By looking in /app, the configure script finds the correct python2.7, and the build succeeds.

My opinion is that version2.patch is cleaner, but either one would let us move off the deprecated 19.08 runtime.

version1.patch (1.5 kB) Steven Falco, 02/04/2022 09:35 pm

version2.patch (863 Bytes) Steven Falco, 02/04/2022 09:35 pm

com.danplanet.chirp.yml - Flatpak build w libxml2 fix (6.5 kB) Tony Fuller, 03/03/2022 07:41 pm


Updated by Jim Unroe 6 months ago

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This is related to issue #9727.


Updated by Tony Fuller 5 months ago

I'll work with Dan to test out the patches.

I'm curious where did you found the manifest.json file @Steve? Is this part of the flatpak itself or did I miss it in the repository somewhere?


Updated by Steven Falco 5 months ago

It is part of the flatpak itself. It really should be in a repo too, though. If you can add it somewhere, that would be great.

Updated by Tony Fuller 5 months ago

Hi Steven,

I have built the flatpak locally with your patch and tested it. All looks good to me.
I'll send an email to Dan with a reformatted patch (he is using a yml file in his build) and link back to this ticket.

Thanks for tracking down the libxml2 fix also! It's greatly appreciated.


Updated by Steven Falco 5 months ago

Excellent - glad to help. Is the yml file in a repository somewhere? I'd like to have a copy.

Updated by Tony Fuller 5 months ago

Hi Steven,

I'll ask Dan if he can add it to the repo. You can also find it attached with your fix added.


Updated by Steven Falco 5 months ago

Thanks, Tony. I appreciate it.

Updated by Guiqi Yu 5 months ago

I cannot use the file yml or patch, may you show me the specific usage of them?

Updated by Steven Falco 5 months ago

I used the following command line:

flatpak-builder --force-clean build-dir --repo repo/ manifest.json

You can probably substitute the yml file for manifest.json, but I personally haven't tried that. You'll also need to have a copy of "chirp-daily.tar.gz" in the directory.

Once the above is completed, you can then build the bundle via:

flatpak build-bundle repo/ chirp.flatpak com.danplanet.chirp

Updated by Tony Fuller 5 months ago

Hey Steven,

I wanted to let you know that I did send in the patch you provided here to Dan. He emailed back and said that the next Flatpak build should be on the 21.08 runtime -- he is just waiting on some functional changes to hit before rebuilding everything (MacOS and Windows included)

Still waiting to hear back on where the Flatpak build file will get stored, but I proposed this idea as well :)


Updated by Steven Falco 5 months ago

Thanks, Tony. Great progress!

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