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Support for Baofeng UV-17 Pro GPS radio (and related models UV-18/19/20/21/22)

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The Baofeng UV-17 Pro GPS is a newly-released model which has generated quite a bit of interest / discussion on the Facebook Baofeng Owner's Club group. It appears to be a new direction for Baofeng designs, using a full-color screen with full bitmap display. The firmware is apparently flashable, although neither the firmware or the flash utility has surfaced yet.

A manual for a similar model (UV-17P) has been released on various international Baofeng sites and is available from the Facebook group. The CPS 1.2.4 software (which has a dropdown allowing you to select from any of a number of new models in this series) is available at Miklor. Hopefully this means that a number of models can be supported with relative ease after the first one is added to CHIRP.

I can provide two radios for development, and leave one with you long-term for testing of new CHIRP releases. Note that I'm just a radio owner, not a distributor, etc. Others have also said they are willing to loan radios for development, but I'm definitely committing to doing so if needed.

I have made some progress decoding the CPS .dat format for the UV-17 Pro GPS which I can also make available if desired.

Sample AliExpress listing for this radio:


Baofeng_UV-17Pro_20230601(factory #1).img (52.3 KB) Baofeng_UV-17Pro_20230601(factory #1).img Jim Unroe, 08/23/2023 06:58 PM
Baofeng_UV-17Pro_20230824.dat (86.5 KB) Baofeng_UV-17Pro_20230824.dat Factory *.dat Jim Unroe, 08/24/2023 01:29 PM
Baofeng_UV-17Pro_20230824.img (52.3 KB) Baofeng_UV-17Pro_20230824.img Factory *.img Jim Unroe, 08/24/2023 01:30 PM
Baofeng_UV-17Pro_20230824.txt (270 KB) Baofeng_UV-17Pro_20230824.txt Serial port capture Jim Unroe, 08/24/2023 01:30 PM
Default UV-17R (non PRO non GPS) HWv01 FWv1.11.dat (76.3 KB) Default UV-17R (non PRO non GPS) HWv01 FWv1.11.dat John L, 09/23/2023 11:14 AM (48 KB) Sander van der Wel, 09/25/2023 05:20 AM (48 KB) Sander van der Wel, 09/25/2023 03:41 PM (51.4 KB) Sander van der Wel, 09/26/2023 09:20 AM (40.1 KB) Added DTMF and VFO settings Sander van der Wel, 10/06/2023 01:31 PM (54.8 KB) Added all the basic settings and renamed the setting tabs Sander van der Wel, 10/17/2023 01:59 PM (54.8 KB) Sander van der Wel, 10/17/2023 10:48 PM
chirp-11-16-23.jpg (33.3 KB) chirp-11-16-23.jpg Russell Leu, 11/16/2023 11:01 AM
clipboard-202311162135-msyy2.png (6.28 KB) clipboard-202311162135-msyy2.png VIOREL LUNGU, 11/16/2023 11:35 AM (54.8 KB) Sander van der Wel, 11/16/2023 12:05 PM
clipboard-202311162248-sgh5h.png (14.8 KB) clipboard-202311162248-sgh5h.png VIOREL LUNGU, 11/16/2023 12:48 PM (55.9 KB) Latest driver staged for pull request into chirp Sander van der Wel, 11/17/2023 04:49 AM (49.5 KB) Driver staged for implementing in Chirp Sander van der Wel, 11/17/2023 11:59 PM

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