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Get pylint happy with chirp

Added by Dan Smith over 11 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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I have a couple of patches in the works to add pylint to the cpep8 script (see #2355). This allows the source code to be automatically scanned as part of It includes a new blacklist to exclude files that are not yet compliant.

Unfortunately, not a single file was pylint compliant when I started looking at this task. I was able to get a couple of files fixed up without too much pain, but most of the modules have brutally long lists of issues (far beyond what was flagged/fixed by pep8).

On the bright side, pylint is clearly superior to pep8 in terms of completeness. For example, it already helped me find a latent error in the new logger module. I think that we will be better off with this kind of checking in place.

That said, there are points of contention between the pep8 tool and pylint, so I have disabled a couple of checks that pep8 already says we pass (e.g. line continuation alignment, multiple spaces after commas). There are likely additional checks that need to be disabled.

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I believe we can close this one.


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