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Zastone ZT-889G

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OEM software not in English.

how_to_get_english.png (28.5 kB) Callum Robertson, 04/18/2018 02:15 pm

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Updated by Callum Robertson over 4 years ago

NB: Also manufactured under ZE-889 (Zetatalk) and YI-889G Yiyan (who may actually be the original manufacturer but it's hard to tell)

As a workaround to use the OEM software in english, I've attached an image indicating the location of the language-selection menu (and the option to select)

I would also be willing to loan the equipment, however, the cost may be prohibitive (UK only)

Updated by Callum Robertson over 4 years ago

Listened to radio programming using serial monitor: radio may be related to the Wouxun KG-UV9D: the following was read from the radio.

2018-04-19 00:22:11.1481696 0.0000022
7d 80 00 2b 4b 47 2d 55 56 38 44 2d 41 00 00 02 62 5a 00 02 …

Chirp can read from the radio using this (I was able to get all my programmed channels off of it) but does not support changing the settings - I would suggest using the OEM software for changing the settings (and setting the GPS channels)

Updated by Pavel Milanes over 4 years ago

Hi Callum,

It in deed seems related to the Wuoxun KG-UV8D (a new/old clone or variant?), but we need the full serial log for a read and a write to tell.

Can you upload the serial logs and a Chirp image?

Thanks, Pavel, CO7WT.

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Adding some input added by Jerome villette 12 months ago in #6391.
It adds some more helpful information.

I just discover your software, it is fabulous
Just to mention that i succeed to use CHRIP in read/write data to my YIYAN YI-889G using Wuoxun KG-UV8D setup. My radio seems to be part of a clone family :
EasyTalk ET-889
The only issue I had was that channel names on the radio seems to be 12 characters long while the KG-UV8D setup seems to write only 8 characters.
I am using Ubuntu 16.10
Thanks again for such a good piece of software

Updated by Bernhard Hailer about 2 years ago

Abbree AB-889G is also the same radio.

Also available in: Atom PDF