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Zastone ZT-889G and uv-6

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I have recently purchased 4 889g radios. I am very intrigued by the gps function. seems like it would be great for hiking, biking, motorized, ect. Limited testing so far, seems a little buggy, varying from unit to unit but, nothing that is a deal breaker. the chinglish manual leaves a lot to be desired. And the factory CPS is much the same. there is a yt video showing how to change to english and a few other programming necessities. russian videos with english sub-titles.

As others have pointed out, chirp will talk to this model using KG-UV8D. I have read from the radio but not written yet. there was a request from Pavel for log files, I would be happy to supply these logs if I knew how to get/save them. Even supply a radio for testing development.

also the uv-6 has issues with chirp. I would be happy to do the same with it. (logs, sample radio).

Thanks for all your hard work providing this wonderful software!
Tom Ryan


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Same as Bug #6567

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