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10:28 am CHIRP Bug #9227: flatpack instruction error
from the Chirp downloads page [ ], select the flatpack file and ...


01:10 pm CHIRP Bug #9187: Unable to download from Baofeng UV-5X radio


12:38 am CHIRP Bug #9159: Password stored in plain text in debug.log
in the mod I was preparing, I would have left some trace of information in the log:
+ LOG.debug("user id...


12:52 pm CHIRP Bug #9159: Password stored in plain text in debug.log
Hey Joe,
do the log entries look like they were created by this code in ** ?
@def fetch_data(self...


05:42 am CHIRP Bug #9137: File access error
from a quick look at your information in the debug log, it looks like you are using Finnish as your language setting ...


02:13 pm CHIRP Feature #9127: Opening Config
Submission instructions indicate you should attach a debug log to your issue. This debug log should relate to the err...


01:53 am CHIRP Feature #8675: Chirp control of start-directory and last-directory
Still open. Initial submission was rejected for code quality issues. Looking for a large block of time to test chang...
01:48 am CHIRP Feature #8673: ignore visual studio and vscode editor configuration files
*Completed* for python2 "branch". revision r3465 commit commit:b553622db0a1
Not committed to python3 "branch".
01:42 am CHIRP Feature #8791: Model list sort order in settings dropdown list
*Completed*. revision 3741 commit ff5ed0f63a76
01:31 am CHIRP Bug #8967: File - New Not Working
here is a copy of the csv file _*[ Generic_CSV_20210415.csv ]*_ which you can use as a *+_workaround_+* until a fix i...

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