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KG-UV8D Inverted DCS Issue

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Chirp Version:0.4.0 Platform:Windows
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Hey Dan and the CHIRP team!

First, THANK YOU for doing such a fantastic job creating software that supports so many radios.

The reason I'm writing is I'm having an issue with the CHIRP software and a Wouxun KG-UV8D. Here's what happens: I downloaded an image of the radio right out of the box, and added the 200 or so frequencies that I use. I wrote them back to the radio with no problem whatsoever. However, when I tried to use any frequencies that employ DCS, they didn't work (didn't break squelch on other radios when transmitting and didn't open up squelch when receiving). I confirmed that the radio settings in CHIRP were all correct, which they were. With it still not working on DCS frequencies, I decided to download an image of the radio using the OEM software. When I did that, it showed that all the frequencies using DCS were using INVERTED DCS codes (for example, DI023 instead of DN023). I was able to correct the problem - make the DCS codes normal - using the OEM software and write to the radio. Ops check was successful, unfortunately, now when I try to download the image into CHIRP, I get an (ERROR) on each line where I've fixed the DCS. CHIRP won't download any info for those channels/frequencies.

I'm a ham who has been programming these types of radios for quite a while, and so I have a fair amount of experience - if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. I can send screenshots if necessary. I've used CHIRP back forth with Baofeng OEM software and have never seen this issue before.

Wouxun_KG-UV8D_20170119 FOR DAN.img - CHIRP .img file (32 kB) Sean Lonergan, 01/19/2017 06:10 am

UV8D Programming.jpg - UV8D Programming - OEM software (279.8 kB) Sean Lonergan, 01/19/2017 06:18 am

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I would suggest that you use the factory software to program a handful of channels with various DCS configurations.

The 1st channel would be a control channel with no tones/codes. Alpha tag could be NONE.
The 2nd channel could be DN023 both TX and RX. Alpha tag could be 023NN
The 3rd channel could be DI023 both TX and RX. Alpha tag could be 023RR
And possibly a 4th and 5th channel with 023NR and 023RN

Download from the radio into CHIRP and save it to a CHIRP Radio Images(*.img) file. Then attach the saved image to this issue. This would give a developer something that could be used for testing.


Updated by Sean Lonergan over 5 years ago

Hey Dan!

As per your request, the radio was programmed using the OEM software with the following criteria:

Channel 1 contained no DCS codes.
Channel 2 contained 023 Normal on Tx and Rx.
Channel 3 contained 023 Reversed (inverted) on Tx and Rx.
Channel 4 contained 023 Normal on Tx, and 023 Reversed on Rx.
Channel 5 contained 023 Reversed on Tx, and 023 Normal on Rx.

When read by CHIRP - I've attached the .img file - channels 2-5 all show (ERROR) - though I'm not a programmer, so I don't know what's going on "under the hood."

Thanks for your help!


Updated by Sean Lonergan over 5 years ago

Here's a screenshot of what's actually in the radio - from the OEM software - when CHIRP reads those errors.


Updated by Sean Lonergan over 5 years ago

Sean Lonergan wrote:

Channel 4 contained 023 Normal on Tx, and 023 Reversed on Rx.
Channel 5 contained 023 Reversed on Tx, and 023 Normal on Rx.

And with my apologies, I believe I noted channels 4 and 5 backwards. 4 is reversed on TX and normal on RX. 5 is normal on TX and reversed on RX. Just realized it when looking at the screenshot I attached.

Updated by Sean Lonergan over 5 years ago

P.S. Jim, not sure why I typed Dan... Except that my coworker was sitting right next to me while I way typing and was incredibly distracting! Apologies! 73, Sean

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