Feature #7431

Python3-friendly UI based on wxPython

Added by Dan Smith almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

Status:In Progress Start date:12/09/2019
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Target version:chirp-py3
Chirp Version:daily Model affected:(All models)


CHIRP has historically been built on pygtk, which is not available in Python3 and never will be. Python2 is deprecated and will eventually be unsupported on major platforms.

In order to facilitate a move to Python3 for the core of CHIRP, something has to be done about the UI. The pygobject libraries provide an imperfect compatibility layer, but support seems rough and stability is suspect.

This issue is to coordinate the work on a UI re-write using wxPython, which is well-supported, long-lived, and generates native widgetry on the big three major platforms.

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Associated revisions

Revision 3287:af168439affb
Added by Dan Smith almost 3 years ago

Initial wxPython-based UI

Related to #7431

Revision 3314:fe34e21e40e8
Added by Dan Smith almost 3 years ago

[py3] Fix style issue introduced in previous fix

Related to #7431

Revision 3318:ad865b64a5ee
Added by Dan Smith over 2 years ago

[py3] Add basic developer tools to wxui

This adds "show raw" and "diff raw" functionality to memories within the
memedit module. They are in the right-click context menu, only if
developer=True in the config.


Revision 3319:6da78f6bea88
Added by Dan Smith over 2 years ago

[py3] Add Edit->Select All and fix cut/copy memories with extras

This makes the clipboard stuff mostly complete.


Revision 3320:6a901ac904b9
Added by Dan Smith over 2 years ago

[py3] Add ability to delete multiple rows in the memory editor



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